Friday, October 10, 2014

Eight Months

At 8 months, Ellie…

- LOVES Wheel of Fortune.

We made it through the theme music tonight, but the first puzzle interrupted her supper, as does every puzzle, every night. She's going to know her alphabet at 1 1/2. :)

- Doesn't seem to be any closer to crawling. She doesn't get a lot of time on the floor in the evenings by the time we get home, but when she's on the floor she is definitely mobile. She rolls back to front and back again to roll to whatever she wants.

- STILL has not said "Mama". I thought she said it last weekend while she was waving at trees out the back door, but when I tried to get her to say it again, she just grinned and waved at me.

She just waved at the trees out the backdoor. And it so sounded like she said "Mama", but I can't get her to say it again. Holy moly, slow down. #timeisabullettrain #8monthsoldtoday #ellieclaire

- Has decided her favorite time of the day to yell...and yell...and during nap time at daycare.

Probably Daddy's favorite outfit ever, purchased about 6 years ago before we were even close to having kids, before we could even imagine the ray of sunshine that would fill out those pink sleeves.

- Has TWO teeth.

Here's hoping she always enjoys brushing her teeth this much.

- Has developed a feisty little personality. I had hoped she'd be a feisty, independent little chica, but when that feisty spirit comes out in biting me while nursing before bed time and then LAUGHING hysterically when I tell her "no" in a stern voice...Mama struggles. Last time she did it several times in a row, so I finally laid her down in her crib and figured I'd probably have to go get her again before she'd go to sleep...nope, lights out after 10 seconds of crying. Poor feisty girl was just tired.

Nighttime around here.

(Laughing at "no!".)

At not even 8 months old, she thinks "no" is hilarious.

- Is still eating every food we put in front of her. In the last month she's had pears, zucchini, asparagus, apples, peaches, oatmeal, yogurt, and mango and has gobbled them all right up. Sister is an eater. We're starting to incorporate a little steamed cut up veggies, but we're still working through a lot of stock-piled stage 2 purees too.

Pretty much sums up our first yogurt experience.

- Is getting even better at sleeping at night, with a little experimenting and determination from Mama. If I work hard to move our evening routine along as quickly as possible, we can get her to sleep by 9:30. Trying, trying, trying to keep moving that earlier. A maximum of 6.5 hours of sleep a night for 8 months is not okay with this mama!

#latergram from this morning.

- Did great with her flu shot. She's a tough girl!

One flu shot and almost no tears. #ellieclaire #8monthsold

- Has LONG hair. Is maaaayyyybbbee going to get a trim this weekend when Mama does. Maybe.

Daddy says she needs a haircut. Mama says NEVER. :)

- 8 months old is THE BEST YET.

My current favorite outfit. Gotta love neon on gorgeous babies.

Me. And my mini me. #putabirdonit

Well it looks like we're going to just about skip right through 9 month clothes. :/ #ellieclaire #7months

Friday, September 5, 2014

Seven Months

OMG. I LOVE this shirt. But's a 9 mo. What?!? #slowdown

At 7 months, Ellie… 

- Is sitting on her own. She sits and plays with toys in the middle of the floor and is happy as a clam.

Five minutes ago she was a tiny peanut that wanted to eat all day long. #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort

- Still doesn't like to lay on her belly much. She doesn't fuss now, she just rolls over as soon as you put her on her belly. Doesn't look like she'll be crawling anytime soon.

- Said "Dada" at about 6 1/2 months old...and melted Daddy into a puddle.

Highlight of my month.

- Has started YELLING in the last week or so. She tenses her whole body and her fists and YELLS as loud as she can. She's not mad, just yelling. :)

OMG. Her first pony. I can't take it! #toodamncute

- Had the corner of a tooth come through over Labor Day weekend. So far she it hasn't seemed to bother her. We'll see how it goes...

That is a tiiiiinnnnny little tooth that started to come through last weekend, when Ellie decided to bit her mama. #badidea #dontbitethemilktruck

- Is still loving her Daddy bath time.

More kid spam. :)

- Is still loving almost every food we've given her. In the last month she's had sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, carrots, and prunes and liked all of them. As expected, the bananas were a big hit. But we gave her banana puffs and she was NOT a fan. She made the BEST faces but she didn't spit them out.

Pretty much sums up how the puffs went over. :)

The bananas were a hit today. I couldn't shovel them in fast enough, so she started diving on the spoon.

- Is still an AWESOME sleeper at night. She still goes to bed around 10:00 and I have to wake her up at 6:30. On the weekends she will sleep until 8 or 9:00!

My heart. #ellieclaire #6monthsold

"Because I'm a lady, Daddy." #latergram #ellieclaire #6monthsold

- Is scooting backwards all over the kitchen in her walker.

Where she spent most of the evening. #7months

- Is SO MUCH FUN at 7 months old. It is TOO AWESOME.

We are so, SO excited that it's Sunday! Hurry up Daddy!!

Not quite ready to ride in the cart like a big girl, but eh, we did it anyway. And we shopped for over an hour!

It's probably been months since I've given her a bottle. I got it halfway to her mouth and she took it from me and popped it in her mouth herself. #stopgrowing

Six month checkup. 17 lb 4 oz, 26" long, and very few tears.

Two peas in a pod.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Six Months

My sweet girl is 6 months old today! She is eating avocado, squash, and peas and loving all of it. She still hates tummy time, but refuses to roll to her back. She can sit by herself for short periods of time. And she is the happiest little ray of sunshin

At 6 months, Ellie…

- Is the sweetest baby ever. If someone is talking to her or playing with her and I'm holding her, she grins and squeals and buries her head in my shoulder. Where do they learn this??

"Hey Mama, our nap's over now, m'kay?"

- Is loving all the yummy food we've been giving her for the last week or so. She's had avocado, squash, and peas and has scarfed them all down.

#elliesfirstfoods squash edition.

- Is still an AWESOME sleeper at night. She still goes to bed around 10:00 and usually wakes up on her own around 6:00 and plays in her crib until I go in to get her. This weekend she slept until 7:20 one morning and I skipped my normal 5:00 pumping session, so I got to lay in bed for 8 hours for the first time in 6 months!! Even though I was still awake at 5, it was amazing!

#curlyhairdontcare #humiditywhat?

- Is still not a great napper on the weekends. This weekend we laid down together and took a 20 minute catnap. She had a VERY rough afternoon, complete with back-arched screaming and refusing to nurse, but after that little nap she was back to her normal grinning self.

This bitty girl had a rough morning. An arched-back, screaming and refusing to nurse for hours, finally fell asleep during a diaper change rough morning. Seems to be all better and back to normal now.

- FINALLY rolled from her belly to her back the day before she turned 6 months old. She just needed Daddy to get down on the floor with her and show her how to do it.

Daddy showed her what to do...and she FINALLY did it. Apparently she just needed some extra instruction. :) #bellytoback #6monthsold #ellieclaire

- A few days after we finally yanked the "safety belt" that we've been fighting with for months out of the Bumbo seat, she learned to stiffen her whole body and stand up tall in the seat and lean backwards, where she almost tips it over. It's a great new trick.

- Is starting to sit on her own for longer stretches without falling over, as long as she doesn't reach for anything.

A few seconds at a time. Go, Ellie, go!

- Seems to love the Tractor Mac books (or any books!).

Lots of this happening today.

- Is such a blast at 6 months old. It is THE BEST.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Five Months

At 5 months old, Ellie… 

- Continues to be the happiest little girl. Although she seems to be bored with Daddy and I on the weekends after playing with kids all day during the week. She needs to be seeing and doing things on the weekend or she gets kind of cranky.

That bitty girl is wearing NINE month jammies tonight. #slowdown

- Is still not a fan of tummy time, but she doesn't mind laying on her back on the floor while we do things in the kitchen. She rolled all the way from her back to her belly a couple weeks ago, and then was NOT happy to be there.

That little chunker rolled all the way from her back to her belly last night and managed to get that arm out of the way. And then, of course, was not happy about being there. :)

- Has had one middle-of-the-night feeding on a weeknight in the two months that I've been back to work. I thought she might go back to sleep on her own, but she cried and cried until I went in there, then she gave me a HUGE grin. After a 1am snack, it was back to bed for the rest of the night.

- Is wearing big girl jammies at night. We got rid of the swaddle shortly after she turned four months old. We did one night with one arm out, two nights with both arms out, then out of the swaddle completely and into big-girl footy jammies with no problems.

- Is still rarely napping on the weekends. The little busybody might miss something you know.

- Loves being read to. She pays attention and looks at everything on the pages.

Happy Monday!

- Is still chewing on EVERYTHING. Her shirt is a big favorite, after our cheap burp cloths. Still no teeth though.

- Is eating more at daycare, but is going longer between feedings. I'm thinking this is a sign she may be ready for food at 6 months.

- Was a little freaked out by Mama putting a straw with milk to her mouth last week. She would drink the milk if it was already in the straw, but she wouldn't suck on the straw. I tried an open cup too, but that really freaked her out. She's still sticking her tongue out when you put anything close to her lips, so that was pretty entertaining. But she did pretty well with the sippy cup.

We tried out a sippy today. #growingtoofast

- Is loving sitting in her Jeep walker. She doesn't get it to move, but she loves sitting up and being able to see everything that's going on.

Ready to go!

- Chewing on/snuggling with her giraffe Taggies blankie all the way to daycare and all the way home. She never makes a peep.

She rides 20 minutes to daycare and 20 minutes home every day without a peep. She's an angel baby.

- Is becoming a real Daddy's girl. In the last week, she has started rubbing his whiskers when he's holding her. He gets her in the morning on the weekends when she wakes up and they rock on the front porch and watch cars go by until she gets hungry. She loves sitting out there looking at the trees moving.
She has started rubbing Daddy's whiskers in the last week or so.
She's such an angel baby. Life is pretty sweet with her around.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Four Months

I cannot believe it has been four months since this sweet girl came into our lives on a frigid snowy afternoon.

At 4 months, Ellie… 

- Is a happy girl. She gets mildly fussy in the evenings when she wants to eat more, but otherwise she’s smiling all the time.

- Is getting more and more chatty. Especially in the evenings after she’s eaten and I sit her up to burp, she loves to sit on my lap and have a chat. She just coos and squeals and grins like crazy.

- Does not want to lay back if you’re holding her. She tries to pull herself up (like she’s doing a sit up), even when she’s sitting in her car seat. She wants to see what’s going on.

This bitty girl is almost constantly trying to sit up. When she's not doing that she's pedaling her air bike hundreds of miles and waving her arms like a tiny, violent music conductor. #ellieclaire #3months

- Is loving Daddy-led bath time. They play and splash and Mama can get her supper eaten or get a few things done.

- Is still a great little sleeper. She’s going to bed around 10:00 at night and I have to wake her up at 6:15 in the morning. On weekends she usually sleeps until 8:00 or so. She usually take two short(ish) naps a day. We just need to try to get her to sleep a little earlier in the evening. Mama’s 4:45 alarm is a little rough! At least someone wakes up cheery!

Happy Thursday!

- Is still swaddled at night (although she usually gets one or both arms out by morning). She still fights the swaddle unless she has a full belly and is very tired. I usually lay her down semi-awake and sometimes she cries for a minute or so, but it never lasts long.

Neither of us was interested in getting up today. #ellieclaire #3months

- Is chewing on everything. I don’t know if it’s early teething or what but if she doesn't have her hands in her mouth, she’s sucking on the burp cloth, or the blanket, or my arm or shoulder or shirt.

Constantly. Sure hope she's not teething at not quite four months.

- Reaches up to play with the toys on her playmat.

- Is still not a fan of tummy time - probably partly because we’re not doing it as much as we should! :/ Mama needs to do better about fitting that in our busy evenings!

- Pooped in the tub three out of six nights that I bathed her while Daddy was on a road trip last week.

For those that were at our baby shower: it's the pelican!

- Did great on our first solo outing to the mall, other than one meltdown in the Macy’s fitting room when she was hungry for five minutes too long.

That sweet baby did so great on our first solo trip to Lafayette (non-locals: that's a one-hour drive away), other than one screaming-bloody-murder meltdown in the dressing room where she refused to eat for about five minutes. So proud of my girl today. A

- Is loving all of the kids at the daycare she started going to this week. They talk to her and she just grins. She seems to be the topic of the week with all the kids. :)

Ready to make some new friends today at daycare. #growinguptoofast #ellieclaire #4months

She's such a good baby. We are so, so blessed.