Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Eleven Months

At 11 months, Ellie…

- Has army-crawled a few times when I've sat right next to her and not let her roll over to get to whatever she was going after, but she still prefers to roll. The girl is stubborn!

- Has been saying "what?", which sounds more like "wuut?" complete with duck lips, and "that?" ("dat?") and pointing at things.

Quickly becoming ornery as the day is long. #ellieclaire #10monthsold

- Thinks it's hilarious if you imitate whatever she's doing.

That ornery pipsqueak just pinched the crap out of me, and when I jumped and said "ouch!", she said "whaaat?".

- Was an excellent paper-tearer on her first Christmas, although she was more interested in playing with the boxes.

Ten toys to play with, and obviously she's playing with the box.

- Was out like a light at 9:25 on her first New Year's Eve (along with her Daddy).

9:25 on New Year's Eve. :)

- Still can't be trusted with more than one mouthful of table food on her tray at once, and she gets very impatient if you're not fast enough with the next bite. She's getting to be a sassy girl!

Getting squealy over Outback bread today. She looks so tiny in shopping carts and restaurant high chairs.

First egg yolks are a big hit, as is any food you put in front of her.

- Is still an awesome sleeper at night and she wakes up with a grin pretty much every day.

Daddy dropped big girl's mattress this weekend. What happened to my baby?!? ??

- Loves books. She will play with books over the toys in her toy basket anytime.

The girl loves books. That pig has sandpaper to feel. She kept bending all the way over and putting her face on it. :)

- Was a little confused by her first Facetime with Daddy while he was on his New Year's duck hunting trip. He was too. :)

Both of them looked a little confused. :)

11 months old is by far my FAVORITE.

My little shopping buddy did awesome today, but she's glad to be home.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Ten Months

At 10 months, Ellie…

- Is not at all interested in crawling. She gets everywhere she wants to go by rolling back and forth...and nothing in the house is safe.

That peanut has been in bed by 8:30 or 9:00 the last two nights. We'll see how likely that is to happen during the week.

- Says Mama, Dada, and lately "Nana, Nana, Nana, Nana". Nana insists she hasn't been brainwashing her. :) She also seems to be trying to say "dog" when Oscar comes in the room, and "thanks" ("tanks") when we say "thank you" to her.

Where's Santa??

- Waves when you wave at her, or if you tell her to wave or to tell someone bye-bye. Lately, when she waves it's towards herself, which is extra cute.


- Is clapping. A lot. :)


- Still loves this little boy on the car dealership commercial.
She LOVES the little boy on this Indy car dealership commercial. Everything stops when he comes on and there is squealing and clapping. ??

- Was the cutest little pumpkin for Halloween.

Glad we went out for a little Halloween photo shoot last weekend since we had a NASTY Halloween night. #dslr

- Loved her first trip to the library.

Baby's first library visit. Daddy called us library nerds. :) She loved it!

- Has started giving unprompted hugs. She puts her arms around you, lays her head down, and pats her tiny hands. Also, every now and then, if I ask her to give me a kiss, she will lean toward me with an open mouth. :)

This girl, I swear, I want to eat her up. This morning after she nursed, I sat her up and put her long-sleeve shirt on her, and she patted my shoulder (like she always does), then leaned in and gave me the biggest hug and patted my back. I just wanted to

- Is becoming quite ornery, especially at bed time. When she gets overly ornery, I know it's definitely time for bed.

- Is still an awesome sleeper at night and she wakes up with a grin pretty much every day.

Just yummy.

- Has been sleeping on her tummy the last couple months. She wakes up with the CRAZIEST hair.

6:30 Friday is almost as rough as 6:30 Monday.

- Has recently started blowing raspberries.

- Is eating more and more table food. She still has several jars of baby food a day, but she also eats mashed potatoes, little bits of chicken and turkey, steamed vegetables, bananas, grapes, and shredded cheese.

Cheese!! ??

- Was not a huge fan of Santa, but she only cried for a second. ;)

Mama and Daddy might have been ready for a drink (or four), but this just might have been worth the 1 hour drive and 1.5 hour line. I paid their $20 for the 5x7, but as per usual, but I might love this one that I took more. #firstchristmas #backofcamera

- Was sleepy as we walked around Christmas at the Zoo, but she seemed to like all the lights.

She was sleepy, but she looked and looked at all the lights. The girl didn't make a peep on the hour drive over, waited in line to see Santa for 1.5 hours with barely a noise, rode around the zoo just looking around, and rode all the way home without a so

- Learned to click her tongue in her mouth after I showed her twice.

- Is still SUCH a Daddy's girl. There is clapping and squealing when he gets home.

8:05PM | our favorite time of day. Daddy's home!!! #weekinthelife

Ten months old is SO STINKING AWESOME.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Eight Months

At 8 months, Ellie…

- LOVES Wheel of Fortune.

We made it through the theme music tonight, but the first puzzle interrupted her supper, as does every puzzle, every night. She's going to know her alphabet at 1 1/2. :)

- Doesn't seem to be any closer to crawling. She doesn't get a lot of time on the floor in the evenings by the time we get home, but when she's on the floor she is definitely mobile. She rolls back to front and back again to roll to whatever she wants.

- STILL has not said "Mama". I thought she said it last weekend while she was waving at trees out the back door, but when I tried to get her to say it again, she just grinned and waved at me.

She just waved at the trees out the backdoor. And it so sounded like she said "Mama", but I can't get her to say it again. Holy moly, slow down. #timeisabullettrain #8monthsoldtoday #ellieclaire

- Has decided her favorite time of the day to yell...and yell...and during nap time at daycare.

Probably Daddy's favorite outfit ever, purchased about 6 years ago before we were even close to having kids, before we could even imagine the ray of sunshine that would fill out those pink sleeves.

- Has TWO teeth.

Here's hoping she always enjoys brushing her teeth this much.

- Has developed a feisty little personality. I had hoped she'd be a feisty, independent little chica, but when that feisty spirit comes out in biting me while nursing before bed time and then LAUGHING hysterically when I tell her "no" in a stern voice...Mama struggles. Last time she did it several times in a row, so I finally laid her down in her crib and figured I'd probably have to go get her again before she'd go to sleep...nope, lights out after 10 seconds of crying. Poor feisty girl was just tired.

Nighttime around here.

(Laughing at "no!".)

At not even 8 months old, she thinks "no" is hilarious.

- Is still eating every food we put in front of her. In the last month she's had pears, zucchini, asparagus, apples, peaches, oatmeal, yogurt, and mango and has gobbled them all right up. Sister is an eater. We're starting to incorporate a little steamed cut up veggies, but we're still working through a lot of stock-piled stage 2 purees too.

Pretty much sums up our first yogurt experience.

- Is getting even better at sleeping at night, with a little experimenting and determination from Mama. If I work hard to move our evening routine along as quickly as possible, we can get her to sleep by 9:30. Trying, trying, trying to keep moving that earlier. A maximum of 6.5 hours of sleep a night for 8 months is not okay with this mama!

#latergram from this morning.

- Did great with her flu shot. She's a tough girl!

One flu shot and almost no tears. #ellieclaire #8monthsold

- Has LONG hair. Is maaaayyyybbbee going to get a trim this weekend when Mama does. Maybe.

Daddy says she needs a haircut. Mama says NEVER. :)

- 8 months old is THE BEST YET.

My current favorite outfit. Gotta love neon on gorgeous babies.

Me. And my mini me. #putabirdonit

Well it looks like we're going to just about skip right through 9 month clothes. :/ #ellieclaire #7months

Friday, September 5, 2014

Seven Months

OMG. I LOVE this shirt. But's a 9 mo. What?!? #slowdown

At 7 months, Ellie… 

- Is sitting on her own. She sits and plays with toys in the middle of the floor and is happy as a clam.

Five minutes ago she was a tiny peanut that wanted to eat all day long. #thedaysarelongbuttheyearsareshort

- Still doesn't like to lay on her belly much. She doesn't fuss now, she just rolls over as soon as you put her on her belly. Doesn't look like she'll be crawling anytime soon.

- Said "Dada" at about 6 1/2 months old...and melted Daddy into a puddle.

Highlight of my month.

- Has started YELLING in the last week or so. She tenses her whole body and her fists and YELLS as loud as she can. She's not mad, just yelling. :)

OMG. Her first pony. I can't take it! #toodamncute

- Had the corner of a tooth come through over Labor Day weekend. So far she it hasn't seemed to bother her. We'll see how it goes...

That is a tiiiiinnnnny little tooth that started to come through last weekend, when Ellie decided to bit her mama. #badidea #dontbitethemilktruck

- Is still loving her Daddy bath time.

More kid spam. :)

- Is still loving almost every food we've given her. In the last month she's had sweet potatoes, bananas, green beans, carrots, and prunes and liked all of them. As expected, the bananas were a big hit. But we gave her banana puffs and she was NOT a fan. She made the BEST faces but she didn't spit them out.

Pretty much sums up how the puffs went over. :)

The bananas were a hit today. I couldn't shovel them in fast enough, so she started diving on the spoon.

- Is still an AWESOME sleeper at night. She still goes to bed around 10:00 and I have to wake her up at 6:30. On the weekends she will sleep until 8 or 9:00!

My heart. #ellieclaire #6monthsold

"Because I'm a lady, Daddy." #latergram #ellieclaire #6monthsold

- Is scooting backwards all over the kitchen in her walker.

Where she spent most of the evening. #7months

- Is SO MUCH FUN at 7 months old. It is TOO AWESOME.

We are so, SO excited that it's Sunday! Hurry up Daddy!!

Not quite ready to ride in the cart like a big girl, but eh, we did it anyway. And we shopped for over an hour!

It's probably been months since I've given her a bottle. I got it halfway to her mouth and she took it from me and popped it in her mouth herself. #stopgrowing

Six month checkup. 17 lb 4 oz, 26" long, and very few tears.

Two peas in a pod.