Project Life 2015 Catch-Up: Week 37

If you’ve been following along here for a while, you know that I used to share my Project Life layouts. And…that stopped in April 2014, a few weeks before I went back to work from maternity leave. Near the end of 2014 it was becoming clear to me that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with Project Life if I tried to continue doing it in paper. And I had a baby who would soon be mobile enough to get into my supplies if I had them spread around. So I switched to digital layouts that I just had printed at Persnickety Prints and slipped into 12″ x 12″ page protectors at the back of 2014’s album.

Sidenote: I am not using the Project Life app, although I have it and it’s dang awesome (and I do use it for part of my process for keeping organized for Project Life). This control freak just needs a little more control over fonts, etc. and I can add my fun digi supplies with a lot less finagling and moving files around if I just use Photoshop on my laptop.

After doing that for a few months and liking it, I decided that I’d continue doing digi layouts in 2015, but I’d order them in a 12″ x 12″ photo book. I love photo books and how little space they take up on the shelf compared to two huge three-ring albums per year. And the look is so clean and pretty. So that’s what I’ve been doing and I was chugging along, just a few weeks behind, for most of the year. Until Week in the Life in August. I switched over to working on that project instead of Project Life and with just 30 minutes to an hour on my lunch break at work and an hour or less some evenings, progress is pretty slow on my scrapbooking projects. I finally wrapped up my Week in the Life album and started working on Project Life pages again in November, just in time to get into December Daily which took priority over Project Life too. Other than waiting for one last batch of photo prints and wrapping up some last journaling and embellishing once they come, December Daily is pretty much done now too. That last week of the year I was really itching to get started on Project Life this year with the new Project 52 2016 kit I downloaded, but I’ve got 16 weeks of 2015 to catch up on before I’ll let myself get into the new year.


But have no fear. I’m determined, I have a goal (three weeks, which I’m really not sure is possible), and I’ve got a pretty good system in place. I’ll share a little peek into that system in the next few days or so. It may just help you stay organized for your own Project Life.

So without further ado, here is the page I finished yesterday. Week 37, complete with a Labor Day breakfast date and swimming, workouts, a healthy food grocery haul (solo! With Starbucks!!), and a full day of meal prep.

Project Life Week 37
Here’s a larger view of the left side.
Project Life Week 37
And the right side.
Project Life Week 37
Check back in the next few days for a peek into my Project Life organizational system!

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